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We repair all models of vacuums.

A basic service on a vacuum includes anything needed to get your vacuum back in working order, excluding parts. We clean filters, check the roller and belt, remove any clogs or obstructions, and replace any parts needed to get your vacuum back to working order. Deluxe Service includes disassembling your vacuum and cleaning inside and out, service your motor and check all electrical connections, clean and lubricate roller brush, replace bag, belt, filter and light bulb.

Parts excluded from Deluxe Service price. Our Diagnostics Bench Fee is $15.00 which can go towards a Basic or Deluxe Service or may be used towards the purchase of another vacuum. How our Vacuum Exchange system works: -Don’t throw your vacuum out, we accept donations or you can bring in your old vacuum and receive credit towards a new or used vacuum. We also will diagnose the problem of your broken vacuum for a $15.00 fee which can be used towards the repair cost or if you decide the repairs are too much you can use the $15.00 fee towards a new or used vacuum.