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Don’t throw your vacuum out. Bring it in to have it repaired.

Most of the time we can do an on the spot diagnosis for no charge. If the vacuum can’t be diagnosed on the spot, we charge a $15.00 Bench fee which can be applied towards a Basic or Deluxe Service. If the vacuum is unrepairable or too expensive to repair, you are not out the $15.00 Bench fee. You can use that $15.00 credit towards a new or used vacuum in our shop. As described in our Service section our Basic Service is $29.95 for most vacuums. Our Deluxe Service $39.95 for most vacuums. For Premium Vacuums including Kirby, Rainbow, Miele and Dyson our Basic Service and Deluxe Pricing will vary based on the machine. We pride ourselves on having a 3 business day turn around on repairs and service, unless parts are unavailable.

If in our on the spot diagnosis we find it to be a belt, clog, roller brush, or a simple fix that can be done on the spot you will be charged $5-10.00 labor plus parts needed. 70-80% of the repair work done ends up being under $35.00.