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    Dyson Vacuum Not Sucking?

    Posted on January 12, 2021 by Tyler Smith

    Dyson’s claim to fame is that their vacuums ‘never lose suction’. Well, what if that’s not the case?

    Maybe your vacuum is clogged

    All vacuums are susceptible to clogs. Sometimes they can be pretty tough to locate. But this would be the first thing to check. Don’t want to deal with the mess? Bring it in and we can help you out!

    Is the roller brush spinning?

    Another major problem we see is that the roller has stopped spinning. This fix could be as simple as a new belt or turning on a switch. In some models, like the DC40, DC41, DC65, DC66 and others ball vacuums they need a new roller, or new head assembly. If it is a DC07, DC14, or DC28, it might need a new belt or clutch. And don’t worry! All these things can be fixed for considerably less that it costs for a new vacuum!

    Are the filters dirty?

    If the filters are dirty it restricts airflow. That means that your vacuum has less suction. With some vacuums they even start whistling when they need new filters. There are usually two filters on a Dyson vacuum. A paper on, and a washable one. The paper one will be black when it needs replacing. As for the washable one, simply rinse it out in your sink with just water until the water runs clear.

    Still having problems?

    Sometimes it is something more complex. The dustbin itself may need to be taken apart and cleaned, or the motor is not working. Regardless the cause, most repairs end below the $60 dollar mark. Give us a call for a quote today!

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