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The Vacuum Exchange has been serving Weber County for over 65 years.

If you ever have gone down Washington Blvd. we are the vacuum store with the vacuums on the roof. If you don’t know who we are, ask your parents or grandparents because they will! The building where the store is located has recently been added to the Ogden Historic registry and is one of the newest historic landmarks in Ogden. Currently the store is owned by Lucinda and Bryan Smith. We believe in being honest and fair with people. Many vacuum stores try to inflate repair costs to talk people into buying a new vacuum. We feel that these stores may make more money in the short term but in the long term being honest in the repairs will build client loyalty and help our store thrive. Our store is family run with the exception of our excellent technician. If you happen in you might catch the whole family there or at least our oldest boys Tyler and Ethan who are learning the business. We believe that small local shops are an integral part of a community that is increasingly being pushed out by big box stores and large corporations. Please come visit us in support of local businesses.